Thursday, October 18, 2012

2012 - Creativity Is Baaaaaaack!! ;)

It's been a tough year, but we've finally gotten creative juices flowing again and are super ready to work. Email us @ or inbox us on Facebook on the Max Sparrow Designs page! Or, send a personal message via FB @ Brooke Drew Combs or Pryncess Lacey and we'll get right to work! Please remember that each and every product we supply is a one of a kind piece specifically designed just for You or any other "Pryncesses" you know! Thanks again to our "Old Faithfuls" and for those of you who are checking us out for the first time! ♥ Peace, Love, Laughter And ART!!! ♥

The Newest Line: Max Sparrow's Mini Pryncesses

♥ Very excited to be introducing this line! We've sold a lot at Girlie Boutique in Richland and now we're debuting it on site! PLEASE enjoy looking/shopping and message us for orders! Also, These Bands are in studio. Please don't think they've sold! When they do, we'll figure out a way to block that photo out! ^_^ ♥