Thursday, September 1, 2011

Romantic Whimsy- New

Paisley Pryncess


*This is a very simple and sweet headband. Paisley print satin ribbon w/button and rhinestone detail & hot pink w/white polka dots ties.

Victorian Pryncess


*Off white band with hot pink and brown feather applique. Finished off with brown button details and white ties! Don't you just love feathers? We do! We offer them in other colors as well. Contact us to custom make one for you or your little Pryncess.

Punk Pryncess


*This little beauty is my absolute favorite for the day. Charcoal gray band covered in clear rhinestone! We love our bling! Let us now if you want your very own blingtastic headband! We would be happy to make you one!


Allie Williams modeled and named these headbands.

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